Sweet wine, harmonious. 100% Muscat small grapes. A wine which ages very well.

In its selection, the Muscat AOC Muscat du Cap Corse, and the Muscat V.D.L. Cuvee Tradition.

Both undergo a filmy maceration before pressing.

Thanks to a longer maceration, the V.D.L. benefits from a greater aromatic intensity. The vinification of both types of Muscat is then similar and thermo-regulated, with however a differrence when it comes to "mutage" (addition of alcohol aiming at stopping fermentation before all the sugar is transormed into alcohol).

The decree controlling the appellation Muscat Cap Corse requiring minimun residual sugar content, the "mutage" of Muscat AOC is made earlier than the Muscat V.D.L., the latter undergoing a refinig in barrels.

Frefining in barrel for the V.D.L.

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