The Domaine

Domaine Gentile was early convinced of the need to respect the environment, along with the tradition and typicality.
Tillage - plowing, de-earthing, hoeing-winning ahead of the herbicides or crop failure. No use of chemical fertilizers.

Every gesture, every action, because thoughts are better than an effective prophylaxis treatment, even if it is preventive.
Domaine Gentile is in a logic of farming and every action is dictated by the political right.
The work of the vineyard can be summarized in five words: biology, environment, disease prevention, tradition and respect.

After harvest by hand and sorted, the painstaking work of cellar can begin: table sorting, soaking tubs presses, pneumatic press, thermo-regulated fermentation....
The various stages of winemaking, clarification, stabilization and livestock 's shackle in a heated basement.

Using insulated tanks producing negative temperatures to stabilize the wines he has fostered a natural action on the conservation of wines.

A bottle aging in a cellar and buried conditioning, can offer wines rested and ready to drink.
The work can be summarized as cellar in five words: health, environment, identity, tradition and observance.

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